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Basic Travel Information About Anguilla

Vacationers have much to learn before traveling to a foreign country

Although Anguilla is a small island, there is a large amount of information that travelers should know before they journey to this island paradise of pristine beaches and fine cuisine. Whether it is knowing how to call home or learning the location of the local embassy, travelers should brush up on the basics.

The intricacies of daily life in a foreign country can be different from what travelers experience at home. Vacationers never know what needs or occasions might arise during their trip to Anguilla, so they should gather as much information as they can about staying on the island. In addition to basic pieces of information such as custom laws and tourist offices, travelers should learn about the local etiquette and understand the various regions of the country.


Anguilla’s charm comes from its stunning beaches and the island’s many friendly residents. Exchanging greetings and other pleasantries is an important part of daily life on the island, and vacationers should never fail to reciprocate with an acknowledgment, response, and smile.

Dress is another important custom and matter of etiquette in the Caribbean. While travelers may lounge in their beachwear and skimpy clothing on the beach or at the pool, these types of clothing are considered highly inappropriate in other locations such as restaurants, shops, streets, and towns. Nice restaurants will expect their guests to be dressed sharply. There are no nude beaches in Anguilla, and going topless is not permitted.

Although Anguilla will produce many excellent photo opportunities, travelers should always ask permission before pointing their camera at a person or a their home, shop, or other possession. This general rule of etiquette applies throughout the Caribbean. Thousands of tourists bring their cameras to Anguilla every year, and it is a simple matter of courtesy and respect to ask permission. Occasionally, residents may expect a small monetary tip for the picture.

Finally, try to be respectful of the local culture and environment by treating the people and land with respect. Your displays of kindness and courtesy will ensure that you fit in perfectly in Anguilla.


At just 16 miles long and 3 miles wide, Anguilla is a small island with a limited number of regions. Getting from one spot to another by rental car or taxi should be easy.


Region Description
The Valley Located in the center of the island, this is the capital of Anguilla. The government is located here, as are the post office and banks. The Wallblake Airport, is located just to the south of The Valley.
To the Southwest To the west of The Valley lie a number of the island’s most popular beaches, as well as the famous and nearly deserted Sandy Island. Shoal Bay West, Rendezvous Bay, and Maunday’s Bay all have alluring beaches. Ferry and cruise ship travelers call at Blowing Point Harbour.
To the Northeast The northeast section of the island also has a number of beautiful beaches, as well as several dive sites and offshore islands. Shoal Bay, located west of Island Harbour, is a famous beach destination in the Caribbean. Offshore islands include Sicily Cay and Scrub Island.


The people and beaches of Anguilla, surrounded by the intoxicating blue waters of the Caribbean, will make travelers wish they never had to leave this small tropical island.

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